In order to make a GlobalSay Action have policy impact decision-makers need to trust the results and there needs to be good contact to the policy-making level.



GlobalSay wants to be a balanced and unbiased initiative. The intention is to truly bring the voices of citizens to the ears of decision-makers – not to favor certain positions. The impact will be built upon this credibility.

Transparency will be crucial. All results from the different countries will be available on the GlobalSay webpage so that others can check them. It will be possible to compare them with other countries, regions, categories of countries…

The information material given to the participants will be reviewed by a trans-disciplinary global experts Advisory Board. One important job of this board will be to ensure that there are pro and con information so that all positions are heard and that the questions put to the participants give a possibility of answering pro/con.


Contact to policy-makers

GlobalSay will give priority to Partners who already have very good contact to and are trusted by decision-makers. We already in many countries have contact to interested partners with close connections to policy-makers.

The Coordinator, The Danish Board of Technology, is member of the European Parliamentary Technology Assessment network EPTA. Members of EPTA are working in/for parliaments and have contacts to parliaments all over the world.

Further, we have many international policy-maker contacts because of our global activities with the Worlds Wide Views large-scale meeting method and we are experienced in bringing the results into global negotiations.

All Partners will be trained and engaged in establishing new contacts to policy-makers locally, nationally and internationally, so that GlobalSay gets the contacts it needs regarding the specific topic at hand.

In the longer run we certainly expect that GlobalSay will attract much attention among policy-makers alone because of the reach, trustworthiness and size of it. GlobalSay will be something that cannot be ignored.