There are two types of members of the GlobalSay Community who work directly together with the Coordinator – The Danish board of Technology Foundation – to make GlobalSay work:

  • Partners – work as co-coordinators
  • National Nodes – ensure participation of their country

It is possible for an organisation to be Partner and National node at the same time.

The way to become Partner and/or National Node is simply to pay the fee (best before January 31 2016) at the crowdfunding site and write an email to the Coordinator.


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A Partner is part of the Coordination team for a GlobalSay Action and the group of partners will be taking important decisions together.

  • A Partner takes part in deciding which GlobalSay Actions to run
  • and which other Partners should be accepted
  • How GlobalSay can be further developed and expanded

A Partner will be flashed quite visibly at the GlobalSay website.

Partners take part in the work of making a GlobalSay Action function. For example, a Partner may take the lead on making some of the information material for an action. Before Partners enter such coordination work it will be agreed, on the grounds of an application from the Partner, if and how much Partners are paid for the work they do in the coordination.

A Partner has the opportunity to run national GlobalSay projects using the platform and inviting the national Community members to take part. This will be based on a direct agreement between the Coordinator and the Partner. The partner will pay a fee for that of which some goes to the GlobalSay capital and some to the Coordinator to pay for their work of setting up the platform etc.

Partners pay an entry fee (=NationalBigMacIndex/USBigMacIndex * 2.500 US$), which will be doubled for partners joining after the end of our crowdfunding campaign (that is, NationalBigMacIndex/USBigMacIndex * 5.000 US$ after January 31 2016). We use the Big Mac Index in order to make it possible for all countries to join – it is an index that compensates for the buying power of currencies. Contact us if you need help finding your fee.

Partners need to join a GlobalSay Action and take part in the coordination work now and then – not every time, but we will not accept sleeping partners.

Partners are, together with the National Nodes, responsible for developing the Community in their country. And a co-coordinators they should use their global network to expand GlobalSay worldwide.


National Nodes

National Nodes take responsibility for the activities in their countries. There may be several Nodes in a country and they coordinate internally.

They have big influence on making a nation join a GlobalSay Action, since they are the key actor for that.

National Nodes can apply for part of the GlobalSay funding for their activity – and/or they can seek funding themselves.

They can join Partners to make national GlobalSay Actions. But they cannot make it themself – if they want to do that then they need to take status as a Partner.

Some of the National Node tasks in a GlobalSay Action are:

  • Translating the GlobalSay software into their own language
  • In a GlobalSay Action to translate the information materials, the questions and the meeting facilitation manual
  • Expand and mobilise the Community in their country
  • Support national hosts and facilitators with information and help

National Nodes pay *something* to our crowdfunding campaign and you decide the amount yourself. After January 31 2016 there will be a set fee of 1.000 US$ (BigMacIndex adjusted) for becoming National Node.


Criteria for Partners and National Nodes

It is the group of Partners who decides by simple majority who can become Partners and/or National nodes. However, there are some criteria which should be fulfilled:

  • It is a legal organisation
    • Single persons are not accepted
    • Organisations being on official lists as criminal or in other ways not legal organisations cannot be accepted
  • It is not-for-profit, meaning that commercial companies who pay profit to e.g. owners or shareholders cannot generally be accepted
    • However, this somewhat depends upon the purpose of the company. A company with a main purpose of public participation may be accepted, for example
  • It has an ideal purpose regarding the development of society

The typical Partner or National Node could thus be a technology assessment, foresight or future studies institute; a university institute; an NGO into development, environment, health or other general societal issues; a library, museum or science center.

In order to be accepted it necessary that the applicant sends its constitution in English language to the Coordinator – see Contact.

Besides the mentioned criteria, for each GlobalSay Action Partners and National Nodes cannot have a vested interest in the outcome of the Action. This means that they should withdraw from taking part if they have, and that the Partner group will decide on the participation of a Partner or National Node if there is doubt about the independence.