• Lars Klüwer

    Lars Klüver

    is the one who came up with the idea. Lars is director of DBT Foundation and he began developing democratic public participation methods back in 1986. He initiated World Wide Views as well. Lars has a global reputation and many years of experience with coupling public participation to policy-making processes – at local to global level. Lars’ main contribution will be his innovative power and knowledge about participation, and he knows enough about ICT to take part in the software development as well.

  • Rasmus Nielsen

    is a democracy philosopher and he is making research at DBT Foundation into democratic governance. He has a past as a consultant and was part of the team that built up World Wide Views. His main responsibility will be in community building and management.

  • Katrine Lindegaard Juul

    is an anthropologist and has studied young peoples’ use of social media in mobilizing around important issues. She now works in a project in using social media in policy debates among youth. Katrine will take part in community building with a special focus on ensuring the openness for youth.

  • Brandur Øssursson

    is the leading developer of ICT solutions at the DBT Foundation, including on-line deliberation methods, method workflow software, different polling systems etc. He is close to finishing his computer science master at Copenhagen University. Brandur will be leading the software development.

  • Hans C. Jørgensen

    is web developer at DBT Foundation and his main responsibility will be the GlobalSay website and platform.


Designers, developers and coders will be added to the team as we go. DBT Foundation already works together with high-class experts in their fields. Instead of putting together a cut-in-stone team we prefer to play with our friends when there is something to play about.

Tests and showcases will be made by senior project managers at DBT Foundation – Marie Louise JØRGENSEN, Gy LARSEN, Soren GRAM, Lise BITSCH – and by our project assistants and trainees. The team will also include Bjørn BEDSTED, Head of DBT International and global coordinator of World Wide Views. The DBT Foundation has 30 staffers all experienced and engaged in public participation processes.

Our team is flexible! The DBT Foundation has a large network of people around the world who would like to add to the development by creating ideas, discuss prototypes, provide knowledge, test the software and the broader concepts, increase the community and provide energy, power and work to the first showcases. They will join the team as we go.