GlobalSay will need funding for two types of activities:

  • GlobalSay Actions
  • GlobalSay development

You can help us with the GlobalSay development by donating through our Indiegogo crowdfunding campain. You can see below what we will need and what it will be used for.


Indiegogo GlobalSay eskaaret

Financing GlobalSay Actions

Financing a GlobalSay will be based upon many funding sources. Existing contacts to foundations will be explored. We expect that there will be some crowdfunding options through the GlobalSay Community and through open crowdfunding campaigns like this one in the future. Local/national GlobalSay meetings may be funded by local/state/national funders, embassies and other public actors who have obligations in the topics taken up. Sponsorships and ads are possible, as long as they do not conflict with the independent status of GlobalSay.

One important feature of GlobalSay is that the funding needs for making an Action will be very reasonable, compared to other forms of global analysis. The reason is that the members are self-organising their meetings, so costs for transportation to meetings, venues and other costs normally connected to public metings are reduced to close to zero. This means that the main funding needs will be about making information material and questions, translation, coordination and policy outreach.


GlobalSay development

GlobalSay will be developed and tested during 2016 (see time plan below).

We have four economic targets for thye development phase:

  1. Coding a simple functioning version – 40.000 USD. This is the first target now.
  2. Test/showcase the GlobalSay concept with one small GlobalSay Action – 75.000 USD. We would be so happy to receive that from all of you donors now.
  3. Adjust the system, more functions and make a more refined version, plus expanding the community to more countries – 50.000 USD. That would be really, really nice to reach!
  4. Make a full scale showcase of a GlobalSay Action – 100-250.000 USD, depending on the number of participating countries. Thanks a lot – we can go the whole way already now!!!


This sums up to 265-415.000 USD. If we receive more then we will speed up the development, make more tests, make the whole thing more shiny and elegant, expand the Community to more countries and make a larger full scale showcase. Or several showcases.

The budget distribution of the 415.000 scenario looks like this (colors as above):

Pie Graph


Time plan

We will work with much agility. We intend to involve users and the GlobalSay Community in the design process to ensure feedback along the way. So, quality and agility comes before rigid time plans. But we are all experienced project managers, so we make our Gantt charts to guide us.

The time plan is roughly:

  • January-March 2016: Coding V1.0
  • February-April 2016: Alpha tests and versions 1.X
  • May-July 2016: Test case (~beta test)
  • June-October 2016: Coding V2
  • September 2016-March 2017: Large scale showcase.

From December 2016 the full GlobalSay solution should be ready for more real life implementations.

This means that from end of 2016 the world has a new and unique possibility to discuss important topics and direct the conclusions towards decision-makers. A big step!