The most important role in GlobalSay is that of the citizens participating in the GlobalSay meetings.

Any citizen on the planet can become member of GlobalSay. To be a Member makes it possible to:

  • Take part in GlobalSay meetings
  • Be a Host for such meetings
  • Be Facilitator of a meeting.

Participant member

You become a Participant by becoming a Member of GlobalSay. And that is done by making a contribution – small or big – through the Indiegogo crownfunding. Those who contribute – and provide us with their email address – will be put into our member database, which means that you will receive an invitation to the first GlobalSay showcase project. And to GlobalSay Actions after that.

When GlobalSay is developed and ready for making Actions then anyone can become member by joining GlobalSay at its website. Members will be able to join and take part in meetings, which will be shown at the website.


A Member can choose to become Host, thereby hosting other Members at a meeting. It could be a meeting in your home, at a cafe, in a library or whereever you will be able to set it up.

The role as Host can be chosen from Action to Action, but when you register as a host then you will always be invited to set up meetings for each GlobalSay Action. You can then choose to do it or not – up to you.


A Member can also choose to become Facilitator, which means that this Member is skilled to lead a GlobalSay meeting through its program.

You will get the skills by following an online training program, which will be available on the GlobalSay website. Sometimes a specific GlobalSay Action will demand that you follow a short extra course, because the program might include elements you need to be trained for.

Like with the Hosts – if you choose to be a Facilitator then you will always be invited to play that role. But you can choose it from Action to Action as you please.

It is not all meetings that need a Facilitator. Small meetings of e.g. 6 persons can choose to be facilitated by the GlobalSay Software. But larger meetings (e.g. more than 12 people) will most often need facilitation from a Facilitator.