Make your kitchen table discussions heard

Make the worlds’ kitchen table discussions heard

GlobalSay will be connecting multiple local debates on important topics. It will report the conclusions of the debates to decision-makers. It will be a not-for-profit online tool for widely distributed democratic debates.

1-SNAKKEYou are an engaged person. We should discuss matters that concern us all you think. When you discuss with your friends, family, colleagues you may have had the thought how small the discussion group is – compared to how important the issue is. You feel that our world should act as one big democratic deliberation space.

We agree: Big decisions about our lives are taken each day at national, trans-national and global level. But where are the spaces where the citizens themselves can discuss these matters? And which systems can gather the responses of the citizens and direct them to decision-makers? We want to make that system.

GlobalSay will be a world-covering platform that will help people like you set up their own local events for debate, highly coordinated across the globe; it provides balanced high-quality information about the debated topics; it guides the discussion groups through a debate program; collects and compares the conclusions of the participating citizens. And finally – serves the conclusions to relevant policy-makers.

It is even more for you since GlobalSay will not only be useful for global debates. Your national sports association may want to listen to its members in a national large scale dialogue? Or the scouts may want to have a national discussion, in which all scout units have their town hall meeting – and they want to gather the responses and discuss them when all the scout leaders have their yearly assembly?  GlobalSay can be used for that and much, much more.

We will make a platform that makes it possible to set up a multi-site top-quality fair democratic coordinated debate in a few months, based upon multiple small local debates arranged by local engaged people like you.